Best 5 Skills to Earn More Then 1 Lakh per Month in 2023

Best 5 Skills to Earn More Then 1 Lakh per Month in 2023
By Dixinfotech Team on 20 May,2023

Technology is developed day by day and because of development, the requirement is very demanding in  the world for professionals. Online earning money is very easy now, for that you need to learn some skills to earn more than 1 lakh per month in 2023.

In this blog we are now discussing the top 5 skills that are very demanded in the world. Only you need to learn and gain practical experience, then you can earn 1 lakh per month.

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1. Content Writing -   

Content writing is a good and easy skill for everyone,  you need only writing skills with communicated style and with grammarly. You can take work easily from freelance work websites like, or You can see there content writers charge 1 rs to 15 rs per word for copywriting. 

With content writing skills you need to know some other basic knowledge like - keyword research, keyword density, H1, H2, H3 and some creative writing tips.

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2. Graphic Designing - 

Graphic designing is the most demanded skill in the world. In this era visual content is very demanded for every field. A graphic designer has requirements in these works like poster designing, banner designing, brochure designing, website designing, companies logo design, and post designing etc.

You can learn these skills to earn more than 1 lakh per month. You need to learn these type of software like AI( adobe illustrator ), PS( photoshop ),and AE ( after effect ) to make a graphic designer. You can takes help from google to learn these tools, and make your own projects for your portfolio. You can search on any freelance website for getting graphic designing work.

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3. Data Science -

Data Science is the most demanded skill in World, Now every company has a requirement for Data science. Now all big companies are using data science to develop their business and plan future strategies. You can learn this course online or off-line and you can go with the Upgrad online data science course that is very helpful for all Students, and Upgrad students work in big companies like amazon, microsoft, myntra at a high package. You can learn there with experts to improve your skills.  

4. Digital Marketing - 

That is a big skill demand in marketing. Now every company wants Digital marketing services, because everyone is spending time on mobile phones and through Digital marketing you can reach to audience phones. In digital marketing your can learn 360 Digital marketing skills or other single digital marketing skills 

You can learn skills like SEO, SMM, SEM and Email Marketing etc. or you can got jobs at any Digital marketing company in India or take projects from freelance websites.

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5. SEO ( search engine optimization ) - 

 SEO is now a very demanded skill because that is a great way to get organic traffic for a website. SEO is used for optimizing websites according to search engines algorithm and user requirements. you can get job in any SEO company in India after learning these skills. That is work in 2 types SEO

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

In On-page SEO we work on our own website and measure things like h1, h2 tags, meta tags, meta description, search console, google analytics, schema tags and content updated. These type of activities we do in on-page SEO

In Off-page SEO we work on other websites and build links with these websites, In off-page SEO we provide content like images, Blogs, Video, & QnA. with these activities we connected our pages with other websites and built a backlink.

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