Worlds Top 5 Search Engines

Worlds Top 5 Search Engines
By Dixinfotech Team on 14 Jul,2022


Search engines have come a long way from the days when you could just dump an article with a keyword to get your site noticed. Modern-day sophisticated algorithms that can judge the quality of your content. But when the term search engine is used, it is almost synonymous with Google seeing as they own over 90 percent of the world’s search engine traffic. Google boasts of a staggering 40k searches per second which translates to 3.5 billion searches daily which are pretty impressive. But it is not only Google that is worth ranking for. There is the world’s number two, Bing and its child world number three Yahoo! Here are some other search engines that you didn’t know existed and which could make you a great deal of money.


Bing is the world’s second best search engine according to the number of annual users. Open a Bing new tab and you will immediately fall in love with the neat white background and blue links.  Unlike Google, this one gives its users rewards for shopping online. So some clever users always come back to collect their rewards when its finally time to make an online purchase. These points can then be redeemed when buying some apps or movies. Bing users also enjoy other distinct features like the My Saves function which lets them bookmark websites. Bing is an excellent platform to rank for because of its high precision of filtering search result by date, region, and language meaning you get only high potential customers clicking through.


Baidu is the oriental search engine to rank for if you have interests in selling to China and the rest of Asia. Google might own a lion’s share of the world’s searches but Baidu is the Google of China so to speak. Baidu’s censorship of pro-democracy websites is a subject for debate worldwide but as long as you are after making money not spreading democracy, you should be able to do well in their ranks. This search engine has got the looks and the numbers to make it worthy of your effort to rank.


You guessed it, Yandex is Russia’s Baidu.  It has a majority share in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakh, turkey, and Belarus regions. Unique to this service is their feature that allows users to search their personal files on cloud storage service Yandex Disk directly from the search bar.


If all the laws they pass nowadays to allow search engines and ISPs to access your personal information and store it for god knows what make you uneasy, you have DuckDuckgo.

Final thoughts on ranking for Google vs other search engines

Even though Google is excellent, u will find that other search engines like yahoo are equally good in terms of quality of results. In fact, as a search engine marketer, you will love the reduced competition for rank for the same keywords. So every once in a while it is imperative that you occasionally take some time to examine what those other search engines are after when it comes to indexing the world’s information.

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