What is Schema markup? and How it helps to boost website ranking in Search Engines like Google, Bing

 What is Schema markup? and How it helps to boost website ranking in Search Engines like Google, Bing
By Dixinfotech Team on 14 Jul,2022


Well known as the vocabulary of tags that you can add to your HTML, schema markup helps search engines to better understand and represent your page in SERPs. These markups allow search engines to visualize the entities that are mentioned on your website. 

This is also the reason why schema markups have become an important part of SEO. you can add schema markup to your website with the help of a website designer or an SEO Expert.

All the extra results that a user sees, like how long it takes to make, calories included, and star rating. These all come from the addition of “recipe” schema markup. Recipe schema is one of the most popular markups, and there are innumerable markups for everything that you require. 

As professionals, We, at Dixinfotech can help you in fixing the schema to your website that offers your company the highest reach. Connect with us and learn about our top-notch services. 

How Does Schema Works?

Any content that you add to your website, tells Google what all content is on your site. Whereas, schema markup tells Google what your content actually means. 

 What is the benefit of Schema Markup? 

Schema Markup makes it easy for your website to rank better in SERPs. It also benefits the company by improving the company’s brand presence with a visible full Knowledge Graph. 

This also helps with gaining high attention and rich results to increase CTR. 

Adding Schema to your website is beneficial as it brings:

  • More visibility, 
  • More clicks, and 
  • More converting traffic.


These markups help to rank all types of content, which include:

  • Book Reviews
  • Articles
  • Magazines
  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Events
  • Software Applications
  • Products etc.

 Types of Schema Markup? 

When a search engine crawls through your website, elements such as videos and reviews are not easily understandable. Once you add schema markup, the webpage refers to search engines for what information the website contains. Being the top web development company, we offer all three formats of Schema Markup. 

Schema Type - JSON-LD

JSON-LD stands for JavaScript Objective Notation for Linked Data, is a structured data format that is considered to eb the easiest for beginners. 

In this, you can simply copy and paste the code into the heading of the webpage. JSON-LD is also supported by the biggest search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Schema Type - RDFa

Known as Resource Descriptive Framework in Attributes, is an extension to HTML5. This type is used to markup metadata within your webpage. You can also add this code to any XHTML, and XML-based document.

Schema Type - Microdata

This refers to a set of tags that allows you to markup your webpage. The tags are added directly to HTML and each set of tags consists of item scope, item type, and item props. Microdata has similar attributes to RDFa, but the implementation is different. 

These types of Schema Markup help your business to stay ahead of the competition. A Good website designing expert can help you in implementing Schema Markup successfully to your website.

How To Add Schema To A Website.

 The end goal of every business is to rank better, represent itself better, and stand on top of SERPs. 

Let’s explore how to implement schema markup on your site:

Generate the markup

You can write schema markup yourself, but with the help of WordPress and its plugins, it has become effortless. Not only this, there are multiple markup generators too. These markup generators only cover basic markups, and to go beyond that, you have to adjust some codes by yourself. 

Test your code

Unless you are using CMS or plugins that help you to interact via UI, it is always recommended to test your markup before you finally run it. At Dixinfotech, we have coding experts who provide the best website designing services

Deploying code on your website

This step varies depending on your website as well as the tagging system. Though there are three methods of implementation:

  • Coding directly into the HTML
  • Applying Google Tag Manager
  • Implementing CMS or Plugins

Add Schema Markup to your site

The last step is to add your source code and add highlighted snippets to the appropriate location. 

Test your Schema

Apply the Structured Data Testing Tool to find out what your page will look like with the added markup. 

These steps can be time taking and can be implemented only with proper knowledge or with professionals' help. Our website designing experts are well-aware of your business needs and work in alignment with the services that your business requires.

As professional Website Developers, we are more than happy to help you round the clock to solve any issues faced by your business.

Ending Note -

Schema Markup is one of the known SEO techniques that benefits the company for a long-time. We at Dixinfotech offer huge services and expertise that help your company to take your business to a higher reach. 


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