What Can Link Building Do to Your Startup Blog?

What Can Link Building Do to Your Startup Blog?
By Dixinfotech Team on 16 Jul,2022

It’s difficult to thrive with a startup blog. Especially now that there are more startups than have ever been. The competition is huge and the market can get absolutely overcrowded.

It can be much harder for bloggers because putting up a website is no longer even that hard or costly. Just get a hosting, which only costs you a couple of dollars monthly, use a pre-made template, and enjoy your newly-built website.

What isn’t as easy is growing that website later on. But there sure are pretty good ways of doing it, link building being one of them.

There are also tons of tools that can help you out during your link building campaigns, such as Linkio

The Concept of Link Building (and Why It’s Awesome)

There are two types of links you’re able to create: internal and external. link building is all about external links, especially inbound ones. 

So, what we call link building is the process of acquiring inbound links, usually through outreach but it doesn’t necessarily need to involve it. 

Why do it? Because the amount of backlinks is actually a ranking factor and more, higher-quality backlinks from popular, high-authority websites will help you boost your metrics quite considerably.

When a site links to you, what it’s basically doing is transferring a portion of its own traffic and authority to you. So, naturally, the more links you build the more traffic you will get, which also translates into more conversions and sales if you’re trying to market your products or services and saturated a blog with this goal.

How to Pick Good Link Building Prospects

As you might have guessed, links from bigger websites with more traffic will yield many more benefits for you than those coming from bloggers that have just started out online and have no real audience to speak of.

So, it is extremely important to pick your link building prospects well. You don’t want to be focused on trying to reach Forbes, The Washington Post, or other similarly-sized resources because even though getting a link from them is possible in theory, in reality, that would take an inhuman amount of effort.

Your targets should ideally be bloggers or businesses that have a similar amount of traffic to yours, preferably slightly more. Getting a link from them should be doable through a few emails and it will actually give you a considerable boost, which can’t be said about tiny, fresh-started blogs.

The Best Way to Build the Highest-Quality Links That Will Make a Real Impact on Your Startup Blog

Can you guess what it is? That’s right, I’m talking about guest blogging. Guest blogging is awesome for so many reasons, and all of those reasons are rather straightforward.

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, I’ll fill you up on it in a couple of words. Guest blogging is offering a piece of your own content to another website, which later publishes it with a link back to your own resource in your author’s bio (or wherever they feel like placing it).

Now, of course, you will get all of the benefits such as increased traffic from every link built via guest blogging. 

But increasing your traffic shouldn’t be the primary reason to guest blog. There’s something much more important that guest posting can help you achieve. And that’s finding a larger audience.

It’s great to publish awesome content on your own webpage, but it’s also great to publish it somewhere else, where it will be seen by eyes that have never heard of you before.

For best results, seo company in indiachoose guest blogging platforms or select sites that are relevant to your niche and accept guest posts. Most of them do, and all you have to do is write the site owner an email in which you offer your content to them. 

There is literally zero reason to turn down a solid piece of content, and a backlink it not too much to ask for in return.

Some Other Ways to Build Links

Broken link building is a very viable option too, and so is finding unlinked mentions of your resource and turning those into backlinks.

Use a tool like Ahrefs to reveal broken links or simply links to articles that are shorter, less informative and in any other way inferior to yours and, once again, offer your own content to fill the hole created by the 404, or explain to the site owner how exactly your content is better than the one already linked to and how it will be more beneficial for them to link to you instead. 

Repurposing your own content, for example, turning your articles into videos and putting the link back to the original in the video’s description works too.

Skim through forums and message boards looking for niche questions that people ask and provide them with genuine, helpful answers while casually plugging a link back to your site.

Comments can also provide you with the same opportunity, but keep in mind that most links placed there or on forums are going to have the “nofollow” attribute, which means they won’t be counted by Google and won’t contribute to your startup blog ranking.

By Building Links You’re Growing Your Blog Faster

And I hope that in today’s article I’ve managed to capture the essence of why you should be doing it. Feel free to leave all of your feedback down in the comment section and good luck with your link building campaign!

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