The Google Chrome 68 Update can Affect your Website Visitors

The Google Chrome 68 Update can Affect your Website Visitors
By Dixinfotech Team on 11 Nov,2021

The google going to release his browser chrome 68 version in early July and it can be affected on your website visitors.

How to google chrome 68 update effect on your website

Google always recommended the Secure website in his ranking algorithms. Google always give weighage to the website who have active SSL (HTTPS://). After this chrome update, Google will mark your website unsure if it has not an SSL.

Google already prioritize websites that have SSL are secure at the top of the Google organic search results page. Therefore, but after this update websites that do not have SSL will rank lower and due to this, you will lose your potential customers.

How to secure your Website

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that encrypts user information between a web server and a browser. With SSL, your website is secure as information communicated with the server in encrypted mode, which helps to prevent access to hackers. With an SSL certificate on your website the URL of website look Like this (HTTPS://WWW.DIXINFOECH.COM), and your website visitors feel confident sharing personal data and making transactions.

The DIXINFOECH Advantage

We at DIXINFOECH aim to help businesses to make to make the Internet a safer environment, we at DIXINFOECH offering free basic SSL to help your business and customers. For more information please visit our contact section.


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