SEO trends that will dominate 2023

SEO trends that will dominate 2023
By Dixinfotech Team on 20 May,2023

SEO trends 2023 Still struggling to improve your rankings? seo company in india saw Google has made noticeable changes to several algorithms and shifted its attention to voice SEO. HTTPS protocols, 301 redirects, and back links were the trendsetters of the previous year.

While it is near impossible to crack Googles ranking completely, staying updated with the latest trends will help your page rank effectively. Here’s a list of trends that are gaining momentum which will make you stay ahead of the game in 2023.

Top SEO trends for 2023

1.  SERP pages will display more elements

In 2023 simply ranking on the first page of google search won’t be enough. Featured snippets and knowledge panels are looking to steal your traffic. To adapt to SERP updates, we must also use these elements.

Simply adding an element won’t work, you have to track your snippets or local packs ranking. Tools like rank tracker will help you to track results of 15 SERP features. It will show the visibility of a particular feature per day and will let you know which particular keyword triggered the feature.

2.  The fastest page will get more traffic

Page speed impacts your SEO in many ways, not only is it a ranking factor but also a major indicator of an efficient UX design. For 2023, Google expects your page to load under 3 seconds.

Head over to Google’s page speed insights to test how your website handles for mobile and desktop. If you want a clearer idea, head over to a dedicated application like Website Auditor.

3.  Content Relevance

Getting quality content on your website might be the key to get a top ranking position in SERP. Google is always improving its content analytics algorithm. It now scans millions of pages in search of phrases that match and rank accordingly. Rank Brain might also look through the top ranking pages in search of shared features and terms. In the end, it will analyze if your landing page has these similarities and it will rank accordingly.

4.  Voice Search for 2021

Almost 55 percentage of teens and at least 40 percentage of adults use voice search on a regular basis. Ranking keywords for search are very different compared to normal a search query. The tone used is more conversational than contextual. You can check rank tracker to find high ranking autocomplete keywords.

5.  Mobile Friendly websites

Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for 2023. With more than 50 percent of internet users accessing search engines through mobile phones, it is important to build a mobile-friendly website. Using a responsive design will help you to automatically optimize for mobile.

6.  Brand Mentions/Linkless Backlinks

Link less back links are the mentions a brand receives on alternative pages such as blogs, news articles or any other web page. Some popular search engines have started using it as a factor to determine a website’s authority.

You can use a dedicated web tool like Awario to find out the most authoritative mentions.


2023 is somewhat a transition year for Google and for SEO trends . Whatever technique you are using should be future proof. Search engine Marketing are looking out for complicated ranking ques. This might be the year for hyper local searches to take off as well. Either way, optimize your page for the most common trends to get more traffic to your site in 2023.

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