A Mandatory Checklist for Every Professional E-Commerce Website Development

A Mandatory Checklist for Every Professional E-Commerce Website Development
By Dixinfotech Team on 14 Jul,2022

As India is advancing in technological aspects, different shops have taken this development consideration and tried to get their shop online. To become an ecommerce company is never more accessible than before, and now a large amount of the population is entering it. But with progress comes responsibility, and everyone must know about the rule and regulations with do’s and don’ts of an ecommerce site and generation.

But not to worry anymore as we here to explain the best we can to you. Without any procrastination, here are the top 5 tips for ecommerce website development.


Website URLs

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a familiar name to everyone, but one doesn’t know what exactly it stands for. It refers to your SEO, and by that means, how people gain experience on your website. And to achieve a positive review by them, ecommerce website development is crucial for all in this field. Additionally, optimized web design also impacts a lot on your ecommerce business. Web design services are available at every place. and you may take advantage of these services right away as offers are always present for you.

The Non-WWW and WWW Redirect

You must accept these things in quite a consideration that a website contains two URLs positively, and they are referred to as standard “www” and other, which not so common non “www.” To get the things clear to you, just imagine you search for www.xyz.com, and other people search xyz.com. Actually, both are the same things, but sometimes the search engine crawlers can lead this to disaster, and you may end up in penalty. For avoiding this conflict go for professional ecommerce website design.

The Bread Crumb Navigation

As you are good at your work, you may know the value of bread crumb navigation. It generally helps your visitors to go through your goods and services smoothly and can lead them to retrace their path from where they started their search.

Try these and check yourself-

  • Use breadcrumbs to improve convenience.
  • Do the breadcrumbs appear on EVERY page?
  • Does it start with a connect to your landing page?
  • Use CSS to give it a custom style.

Utilize the Alt Attribute

The search engines are AI technology, and it uses web crawlers to understand the inside of a website. If you are using any images on your site, be sure to mark it with some tags and descriptions. If you don’t, then this may lead to a low ranking of your website. If you are not sure what to do and try for professional web design services and you will be amazed by your lifting ranking pace.

Optimization of Page Heading

To make your website dominating to the viewership, try to be specific with your work. You can’t make too many headings on your front page with the same font and color. Use a single H1(Heading 1) on your page to make a clear view of your leads. If you insist on more data, try to make sub-heading, which may take H2, H3, and H4 type fonts.

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