5 SEO fundamentals to Boost Content development and Link Building

5 SEO fundamentals to Boost Content development and Link Building
By Dixinfotech Team on 16 Jul,2022

Developers and digital marketers are often accused of over complicating their ranking strategies. Focusing on content is great and can even deliver powerful results. But if you don’t take care of the simple technical fundamentals they will become a huge problem over time.

Ranking will automatically become better if you take care of these basics. Here are some technical fundamentals that will boost your link building and content development.

SEO fundamentals to Boost Content development and Link Building

Broken Links

A broken link error is never good for your page. Over time domains might expire or ownership changes hands. Expired or shut down websites are even then bought by people for Black Hat SEO.

When a website is acquired, the current owner might use it rebranding or for simply passing link juice and traffic to another website. As a result, all inbound links now redirect to a new page.

This is a bad overall experience and can be devastating to your organic rankings. Try to scan all outbound links and check if they are going to a relevant destination.

Meta Descriptions

A well written Meta Description is a sure fire way to increase a websites click through rate. Once the meta description is added to a page it is often forgotten and nut updates.

If we are dealing with content-heavy websites, posts regularly get updated. The perfect meta description you designed might not be valid anymore. Your focus keyword should be given full attention in the meta description. Update to your descriptions along with content to create engagement and enhance click-through rates.

Responsive Design

This is a very important factor in ranking for mobile. A responsive website design uses grids to align content onto your website. This grids automatically realign and scale for mobile users as well.

To some extent, a responsive design goes beyond SEO. It will help in creating a positive user experience and eventually will lead to more conversions and sales.

Get the help of Google’s mobile responsiveness test to check if your site is optimized.

Internal Linking

When modifying content on a regular basis, internal links can get lost or removed. While losing internal links is not that much of a problem, it can still affect search engines and leave a bad user experience.

Internal links are very easy to fix; search engines expect an internal link to point to a relevant landing page. You can all of your websites internal links and ensure that they get you to a relevant destination within one step.

Page speed

Page speed is going to be a ranking factor for mobile search in 2018. Poorly optimized mobile sites will be ranked down according to Google, this update will come in July.

Simply adding a few plugins and calling it done won’t help the cause. Every additional plugin added will make the page speed a bit slower. Try to be minimalist in your website approach and use the plugins you really need.

These common mistakes are done because of people trying to put everything together themselves. Hire a professional or an agency to improve your rankings.

We can help.

Doing SEO for your website can be quite difficult and won’t yield any result if your content is not optimized. At Dixinfotech, our SEO experts can help you build the optimal website and help to rank #1 on Googles search page. We will assign a specialized team to find and solve your website’s problems right away. Feel free to write to us.

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